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There are a variety of ways to get a well trained dog, and board & train programs are one that appeals to many owners.  With a board & train your dog lives with the trainer for a period of time and is trained in obedience and behavior modification.  Board & train can be a good way to jump start training or to tackle serious behavioral issues.

Board & train programs vary in length, from two weeks to four weeks or more.  The length of a program varies depending on a multitude of factors - owners travel plans, behaviors that need to be corrected, previous training or lack of training, etc.

Any board & train program is only as good as the follow-through.  Training can begin here, but needs to be continued and practiced at home with the dog's owner. 
What Will My Dog Learn?

Every board & train program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the dog being trained, as well as the family that he or she lives with.  Owners fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to dropping their dog off.  This behavior survey covers many aspects of the dog's daily life, problem behaviors, obedience skills, feeding habits, etc.  This, combined with a one-on-one interview between the trainer and owners is the base of your dog's training plan.

Every dog is an individual, and learning speeds vary, so there can be no guarantee as to exactly what your dog  will come home knowing.

Examples of behaviors and skills commonly learned during board & train programs are:

2 Week Board & Train:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (minimal distractions)
  • Come when called (foundation)
  • Heeling (foundation)
  • Look
  • Okay/release
  • Finish (return to heel)
  • Wait at doors
  • Improved leash walking skills
  • Decreased barking - Quiet command
  • Decreased jumping - Off command
  • Other minor behavior corrections

3 Week (or longer) Board & Train:

  • Behaviors and skills from 2 week board & train
  • Leave It command
  • Drop It command
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Stay
  • Go to Bed/Mat
  • Housebreaking issues
  • Decreasing dog aggression
  • Decreasing people aggression
  • Other behaviors/skills as needed
What Will it Cost?

Each Board & Train program is unique to the individual dog.  Recommended lengths vary based on behavioral issues.  
2 weeks: $1,190
3 weeks: $1,690
4 weeks: $2,100
Half of the expected-due is required on drop off, the balance is due upon pick up.  Board & Train fees include all training, boarding, feeding, medicating, exercise and any other regular needs of the dog.  Also included with the price is a two-hour send home consultation and a follow-up care manual written specifically for your dog.  Follow up lessons are not included but highly recommended.
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What Will My Dog Do?

During your dog's board & train he or she will get a balance of training, exercise, rest and play.  Every dog's daily routine is slightly different, depending on the issues that are being addressed, but a few things generally remain the same.  The first two days of a dog's stay are low intensity.  The primary goal is to allow the dog and trainer to get to know one another, to bond and develop trust and to allow your dog to adjust to its new surroundings.

After the initial warming-up period dogs are worked with multiple times a day on obedience training as well as specific behavior modification.  One of the great benefits of a board & train program is that your dog is living with the trainer - any moment of every day can be a learning experience.  The training happens in a home-like environment where common problems happen - barking at the door, getting into trash, not coming when called, jumping on visitors, etc.

When your dog is ready to return home, a customized send-home manual is written to detail the training and what you will need to do to keep the behaviors that have been established.  Every manual is in-depth and written specifically for your dog: no two are exactly the same!

After your send-home consultation owners need to schedule follow-up training sessions.  At least two private lessons are recommend.  Follow up sessions are not included in the price of the board & train.

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Board & Train Deposit Options
A deposit is required to hold your reservation.  This deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of start date.  Deposit amounts are applied to the first 50% of training fees, due upon drop off.  The balance is due in full upon send home.

A two week board & train requires a $250 deposit, a three week program is $350 and a four week program is $400. Deposits over major holidays are higher,
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