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The Best Gifts for Your Dog

Christmas is a chaotic time of year for most families.  But throughout all the hustle and bustle your dog is still there for you – for a cuddle, for a walk or just for a moment of quiet. 

Many people choose to show their love and appreciation for their dogs by getting them a little something for under the tree.  But what makes the best gift for your dog?  You might be surprised at what they would like.
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Exercise.  Almost every dog could benefit from some additional exercise in their life.  A long walk by the shore or a chance to chase the ball makes most dogs happier than anything you could buy in the store.  Take some time out to give your dog some extra exercise, and make it a habit!

Training.  Dogs thrive on exercise, but they need two kinds: physical and mental.  Most of our household pets were bred to do jobs of one type or another (hunting, herding, protecting, etc.).  Without these jobs to occupy them many dogs get bored.  Positive training is a welcome challenge to dogs.  They get a chance to work with you, to learn new things, and to perform in a way that makes you happy.  Training isn’t just about making your dog easier to live with, it’s about making them happier too.

“Intellectual” Toys. Squeaky toys and rawhides are great, but consider getting your dog a toy that will give them something to do.  There are toys on the market that encourage dogs to think and to problem solve.  Toys such as Kongs, treat balls and even dog puzzles are available to keep your dog occupied.

A Gift in Honor.  Think your dog already has everything?  That’s great, because there are lots of homeless pets who don’t have extra toys, blankets or food.  Consider giving a donation to a local animal shelter in honor of your pet this Christmas.  Shelters are always in need of extra supplies, and most have wish lists posted on their websites.

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