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Private Lessons:
The best way to train your dog is through private sessions.  Private training sessions can be done in your home, in town or at a park - the options are endless and that's what makes private lessons so great. 

Private sessions are all about you and your dog - there is no course curriculum to follow, no distractions from other dogs and students that can make the initial stages of learning more difficult, and the session can take place where the problems occur.  Meeting at your home means your dog will be the most comfortable, and also give us access to the behaviors you want to work on, such as jumping up on visitors, bolting out the door, stealing food from the counters, etc. 

We work at your pace - if you practice a lot and your dog is picking things up quickly we can move right along and accomplish lots.  Since we are only addressing the behaviors you wish to deal with private sessions can be very cost effective.
What Will It Cost Me?

Private sessions run about an hour long and the cost varies depending on where we are meeting.  It is impossible to say how many sessions you will need - only you and your dog can determine that.  The amount of practice time you dedicate between sessions, the severity or complication of behaviors we are working on and how much you want your dog to learn are the biggest determining factors when it comes to the number of sessions you need.
What Can We Learn?

Possibly the most valuable thing about private sessions is the individuality of each session.  Mary has worked with owners and dogs on everything from housebreaking puppies, teaching basic obedience or dealing with bothersome behavioral issues to very specific skills such as teaching dogs to work with handicapped children, fine tuning advanced competition performances or training hand signals for a deaf dog. 

While any behavior can be worked with during private sessions there are a few issues that really should be dealt with one-on-one with a trainer instead of in a group class.  Dog aggression, any aggression towards people, severe fear behaviors and other crisis level issues can usually only be worked through with private sessions.

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