Bravo Dog Training
Develop leadership, communication and a bond that will last a lifetime.
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Private Lessons:

Private lessons offer the benefit of individual attention in the ideal classroom: your own home.  Private training can address a wide variety of issues, from basic obedience training to aggression and other behavioral problems.

Learn more about Bravo Dog Training's private lessons, or contact us to schedule your first session.

Group Classes:

From a brand new puppy to a therapy dog-in-training, group training classes can help you teach your dog skills for a well-mannered life.

To learn more about group classes, including courses offered, prices and location, click here.  

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Board & Train Programs:

Bravo Dog Training offers customized board & train programs to help your dog learn what is important to you.  

Want a well trained dog, but don't have the time to get started? 

Leaving town? Your dog can have a "working vacation" while you travel.

Difficult behavior problem?  A board & train can address issues you haven't been able to get rid of.

Dogs live at home with the trainer for a 2, 3 or 4 week period.  Learning happens all day!

Your dog, better behaved!