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Develop leadership, communication and a bond that will last a lifetime.
  Clients of Bravo Dog Training tend to be  long term clients because they find the joy of working with their dog.

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"John and I were and are very pleased with the training our dogs have received from you. It was the first time we have gone out of town for over a week and left them with anyone. Both of our dogs had very little training before they were in your care. We have always been concerned and afraid that our dogs would take off on us and now we know that because of you, we are able to have confidence that training does work!! Within one week, we have seen dramatic results that we wouldn't have believed if we hadn't seen it ourselves!! We will continue to practice the training techniques that you have shown us. It is apparent that our dogs absolutely adore you because they are so excited to learn and when you are around, they are extremely attentive. My dog, Aspen has always had a serious look on her face. However, for the first time ever, I saw her smile when you were training her. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We can't wait for the next training session with you!!!"
-Nicole Martinez

Aspen and Bear Martinez (left and right) and their new friend, Pistol Majchrowski (center).
Hi Mary, I am sooooo proud of Luka!  Our walk was unbelievable.  I let him explore like you told me and held the leash the way you suggested.  Luka was so happy sniffing the ground.  We came home and he settled right in.  I have done a lot of thinking since you left on how my words effect Luka, how it sounds to him.  I have been "correcting" myself  - I didn't realize how my high pitch was effecting him.

Thank you Mary, for giving me the tools to help Luka.  You are truly a "dog whisperer."  Dog blessings to you.

-Colleen Oxton
Luka Oxton
"I was referred to Mary in 2004 by a good friend. Although I have owned dogs for most of my life, I was not prepared for the challenges presented by my Standard Schnauzer, Zeke. This breed is known as the dog with a human brain, and I seemed to be losing the battle of the brains. Mary helped me sort out and understand the importance of what behavior is “hard-wired” in a breed and how that fits with training that particular breed. She has the ability to observe the interactions between dog and owner and translate those observations into clear, concise instructions. Mary worked with me to teach Zeke the skills that would be important in building our relationship and improving our teamwork. With that foundation, Zeke and I have competed in dog performance events, and I am proud to say that we have achieved AKC novice titles in Rally Obedience and Agility as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award."

-Gay Robson

Zeke Robson competing in a NADAC trial in Albuquerque, NM
I have known Mary for 6 years now, having first met her at a puppy class for my yellow lab Chaco.  I interviewed trainers before I even brought my puppy home. At that time, I had never had a lab before, and was not certain what to expect.

Throughout our first class, Chaco and I both learned some solid behavior modification techniques to begin to mold her into a well trained dog. While Chaco was a puppy, I took advantage of Mary's day care facility with Bravo Dog Training, and always felt comfortable leaving Chaco there to play for the day. Chaco and I took several other classes with Mary, including Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience and Novice Rally. Our "grand prize" was Chaco testing through Mary and receiving the AKC Canine Good Citizen's Award. I always appreciated Mary's positive approach to training and discipline, and many of the techniques I learned I continue to use on a daily basis.

I added a second yellow lab, Ruby, to the mix when Chaco was about 2 years old. Ruby joined the family as a 2 year old, and was not in need of some of the classes I did with Chaco. Ruby has her own set of issues, as we all do. She has quite an anxiety to thunderstorms and loud noises. Mary has given me some techniques and ideas to try and keep the fear related to this to a minimum. I would definitely recommend Mary and her services to anyone thinking about training classes or behavior modification, and I will certainly use her the next time I have a new puppy in the house!

-Jerry Harms

From left to right: Chaco, Jerry and Ruby Harms on Centennial Pass, Colorado
After acquiring Daisy as a six-month-old from the humane society, we began training with Mary to bring this girl’s wild, rollicking and energetic behavior under control. Despite having owned, trained and worked with four goldens before, I was unprepared for Daisy’s extreme challenges. Thanks to Mary’s classes, board and train program and on-going private lessons, Daisy has earned advanced level agility and rally obedience titles and has her Canine Good Citizen certification. Her titles now match her bravado.

Chatter, on the other hand, arrived as a nine-month-old second hand dog, lacking self- confidence and desperately in need of nurturing. Mary understood those needs and has helped Chatter gain self-control and practical skills. Chatter has earned her rally excellent title, Canine Good Citizen certificate and is starting agility competition.

Daisy and Chatter are as different as two golden retrievers can be. Mary has addressed their diverse needs capably and professionally. She has helped us bring out the best in our wonderful dogs.

-Holli Pfau

Daisy Pfau weaves; Daisy, Holli and Chatter Pfau; Chatter Pfau jumps
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"Our family cannot thank you enough.  It is wonderful to have Maddie around through all sorts of things.  She is not perfect, so she fits in just perfectly with the rest of us "works in progress"!  In the pictures she is NOT asleep! Such restraint!!  We are so proud of how hard she tries.....aside from the wooden blocks that you can see, there are a thousand teeny tiny Legos out there, too!  What a good dog she is becoming!

Thank you again,
the Carroll Family"

Maddie Carroll after a Board & Train; primary concern was her wild and unsafe behavior around the children.