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Online Training Class!

Introduction to Treibball

Join Bravo Dog Training for an exciting online class exploring a fun new sport, Treibball. 

This course is offered for existing clients with basic obedience skills, or with instructor approval.
The Basics:

  • A fun course to give you and your dog something new to try - a great way to get in some extra training.
  • No class meeting days/times to fit into your schedule.  Post every two weeks as you can.
  • Basic obedience and some familiarity with clicker training (or marker training) and shaping is helpful. Contact the instructor with any questions.
  • This class is NOT a competition course.  It is about introducing you and your dog to a fun, new sport that you can practice and play at home.

About Treibball:

  • Treibball (pronounced try-ball) is a new dog sport that is a twist on herding - without the need for sheep, pastures or even a herding dog!
  • The general goal of Treibball is to have the dog push large exercise balls into a pen, much the way a border collie would drive sheep into a pen.
  • Treibball starts with easy behaviors, as simple as teaching the dog to touch your hand with their nose.

The Details:

  • New lesson plans are posted online every two weeks.  Comments and questions can be posted by students at any time.
  • Students post videos of their dog's progress at their convenience.  Simple You Tube instructions/help are available.
  • Instructor feedback will be posted for every uploaded video.
  • Class begins on January 24th and runs for 12 weeks (6 lessons every two weeks).
  • Enroll by January 1st for early-bird registration of $110.  Registration after January 1st is $130.

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